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Best Practices in Account Takeover

December 17, 2014 ID Analytics

A consumer’s email address, phone number and home address associated with their credit card account just changed in your processing system. Did the consumer initiate the request or did a criminal just take over their account?

Unfortunately, your organization may be the last to know. In a survey conducted by the Information Security Media Group, in 82% of cases involving identity fraud, the consumer uncovered the theft before the company did. In many cases the consumer considers the compromised organization to be at fault and many businesses report losing consumers to competitors following a fraud incident.

This paper identifies gaps in the use of traditional controls currently employed to prevent account takeover fraud, and offers an alternative to access-focused solutions.

Download our white paper to learn how to avoid losses associated with this type of fraud and prevent customer attrition, topics include:

  • - Differences between Account Takeover and Account Compromise
  • - Why account compromise solutions don’t always stop account takeover
  • - Strengths and Weaknesses of traditional fraud detection and prevention tools
  • - What Does the Future Hold?
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